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(Selection of) Works in alphabetical order

Rolf Kissel
W 85-Pershing 2, 1982
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Miriam Cahn
WACH RAUM (falkland), 1982
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Anja Niedringhaus
Waffenruhe, Sarajevo, Bosnien, 22.9.1995, 1995
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Anja Niedringhaus
Waffenstillstand in Mostar, Mostar, Bosnien, ... , 1995
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Anja Niedringhaus
Wahlkampfvorbereitungen in Belgrad, Belgrad, ... , 1997
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Barbara Klemm
Wahlveranstaltung Panama-City, Panama, 1989
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Markus Raetz
Waldbild, 1981
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Bruce Nauman
Walk with Contrapposto, 1968
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Angelika Platen
Walter De Maria, Hamburg 1968, 1968
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