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(Selection of) Works in alphabetical order

Markus Sixay
D.E.A.D., 2004
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Miriam Cahn
d.w.l., 1984
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Reiner Ruthenbeck
Dachskulpturen, 1972
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Rosemarie Trockel
Daddy's Striptease Room, 1990
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Andy Warhol
Daily News, 1962
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Jochen Flinzer
Dan Melzer, Custom Tattoo, Chicago, IL, 1992
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Andy Warhol
Dance Diagram [1]
[Fox Trot: “The Double ... ,
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Jock Sturges
Danielle; Montalivet, France, 1991, 1991
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Jock Sturges
Danielle; Oud Heusden, Netherlands, 1993, 1993
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