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(Selection of) Works in alphabetical order

Peter Welz
whenever on on on nohow on / airdrawing, 2004
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Andy Warhol
White Disaster II (White Burning Car II), 1963
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Ralph Gibson
White House, LA, 1972
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Ralph Gibson
White line, stick, 1972
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Arman (Armand Pierre Fernandez)
White Orchid, 1963
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Ralph Gibson
White Thigh, Pubic Hair, 1992
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Taryn Simon
White Tiger (Kenny), Selective Inbreeding
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Heinz Kreutz
Wichtige Begebenheit, 1954
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Anja Niedringhaus
Wiederaufbau in Mostar, Mostar, Bosnien, 10.5.1995, 1995
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