Photography Collection

Since the opening of the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst in 1991, photography has ranked equally alongside painting, sculpture, drawing, film, video and other media within the context of its collection. From the beginning, the photographic works were never isolated in a gallery of their own, but integrated into the collection displays side by side with works in other media. The wide photo-technical spectrum within the MMK collection ranges from vintage prints on  baryta paper and monumental Cibachromes to Polaroids or slide installations. The holdings today encompass more than 2,500 photographs by eighty-one artists. The MMK accordingly has in its possession one of the leading photography collections worldwide, a collection which is unique not only due to its magnitude and its quality, but also - and above all - on account of its individual character and many unusual works.

Allora & Calzadilla works
Almasy, Paul works
Anna und Bernhard Blume works
Araki, Nobuyoshi works
Bachmann, Sascha-Jacqueline works
Baumgarten, Lothar works
Baur, Max works
Bayrle, Thomas works
Becher, Bernd works
Becher, Hilla works
Beecroft, Vanessa works
Bernd und Hilla Becher works
Blum, Heiner works
Blume, Bernhard Johannes works
Blume, Anna works
Boetti, Alighiero works
Boltanski, Christian works
Bool, Shannon works
Borthwick, Mark works
Braun, Björn works
Bächli/Hattan works
Clark, Larry works
Coffin, Peter works
Darboven, Hanne works
Deistler, Michael works
Demand, Thomas works
Domenig, Gerald works
Driessen & Verstappen works
Edström, Anders works
Evans, Jason works
Feldmann, Hans-Peter works
Fischli/Weiss works
Fischli, Peter works
Franz West/Andreas Reiter Raabe works
Förg, Günther works
Gert und Uwe Tobias works
Gibson, Ralph works
Gilbert & George works
Gober, Robert works
Gordon, Douglas works
Greg Lynn / Fabian Marcaccio works
Guillén, Mauricio works
Hammons, David works
Hendel, Ilja Clemens works
Hirakawa, Noritoshi works
Höfer, Candida works
Hütte, Axel works
Kawara, On works
Kippenberger, Martin works
Klauke, Jürgen works
Klemm, Barbara works
Kopystiansky, Igor works
Kozanek, Petr works
Laurie Haycock Makela & Ronald Jones works
Liebscher, Martin works
M/M Paris works
Mandel & Sultan works
Mandel, Mike works
McCall, Anthony works
Miyamoto, Ryuji works
Monk, Jonathan works
Moor, Cris works
Mucha, Reinhard works
Møller, Simon Dybbroe works
Niedringhaus, Anja works
Pedriali, Dino works
Pfeifer, Mario works
Platen, Angelika works
Polke, Sigmar works
Raad, Walid works
Raetz, Markus works
Rainer, Arnulf works
Rambow, Inge works
Raqs Media Collective works
Rautert, Timm works
Rheims, Bettina works
Riethausen, Albert Georg works
Roehr, Peter works
Rosenthal, Joe works
Ruff, Thomas works
Ruscha, Edward works
Salgado, Sebastião Ribeiro works
Schneider, Gregor works
Schramm, Frank works
Serge Spitzer / Ai Weiwei works
Sierra, Santiago works
Simon, Taryn works
Slominski, Andreas works
Slotawa, Florian works
Smith, Jack works
Streuli, Beat works
Sturges, Jock works
Sturtevant, Elaine works
Sultan, Larry works
Svetlana und Igor Kopystiansky works
Teller, Juergen works
Tichy, Miroslav works
Tillmans, Wolfgang works
Toscani, Oliviero works
Trockel, Rosemarie works
Tudela, Armando Andrade works
Tuymans, Luc works
Tykkä, Salla works
Tüllmann , Abisag works
Ullmann, Katja works
Visalli, Santi works
Wall, Jeff works
Weber, Hildegard works
Weisbeck, Markus works
Weiss, David works
Weisse, Leo works
Welling, James works
Winter/Hoerbelt works
Zielony, Tobias works
Zinny/Maidagan works
de Rijke/de Rooij works
de Rijke, Jeroen works
de Rooij, Willem works

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