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Expanding the MMK Collection

Alongside its mission to familiarize the general public with contemporary art, the MMK’s other prime objective is the ongoing expansion of its Collection. Ever since the museum’s inception, the MMK and its directors have been committed to pursuing both goals. Above all Jean-Christophe Ammann, who set up the Museum and assembled the backbone of the Collection, and Udo Kittelmann, under whose seven-year directorship the Collection was significantly enlarged, together succeeded in amassing an immense array of works, such that the MMK Collection now includes just short of 4,500 works. Susanne Gaensheimer, who has been MMK Director since the beginning of 2009, is committed to moving this policy forward. As a municipal institute the MMK has no acquisitions budget, and this success would therefore quite clearly not have been possible without the support of donations and gifted works. The collaboration with private and private-sector collectors and collections will therefore continue to be of immense importance in the future, too.

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