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Today, the MMK’s collection encompasses more than 4,500 artworks by some 440 artists. They constitute a representative cross section of the national and international art scenes. The works hail from all fields of modern and contemporary art, including painting, sculpture, video, and photography but also light, sound, and performance art.

In addition to featuring the works of international stars, the museum has consistently maintained close contact with the Frankfurt art scene, as represented by the works of Thomas Bayrle, Charlotte Posenenske, Peter Roehr, Udo Koch, and Marco Lehanka not least because it has always had a close relationship with the famous Städelschule, a relationship that still continues today. Often, the acquisition of “young art” turned out to be a prescient anticipation of future developments. From the very beginning, the museum has attached importance to cooperating closely with the individual artists. These outstanding partnerships have often made it possible to acquire large workgroups, which were sometimes enhanced by generous gifts from the artists.

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