MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main

MMK Zollamt

MMK Zollamt, exterior view
MMK Zollamt, exterior view
MMK Zollamt Cyprien Gaillard
MMK Zollamt, Cyprien Gaillard Ausstellung, September 2010
MMK Zollamt, Alicja Kwade, 1979 Liter bis zum Anfang, 2010

Installationsansicht MMK Zollamt, 2011
Johann König, Berlin Foto:Peter McClennan, 2011

MMK Zollamt, Voruebegehend unsichtbar, 2011

Ausstellung „___” Vorübergehend unsichtbar, 29.4. - 5.06. 2011 Foto: MMK

The MMK Zollamt is a satellite exhibition site that belongs to the MMK and is located in a building directly opposite the museum that once was home to the City of Frankfurt's Main Customs Office. The building has been completely modernized and artistic positions by younger artists or “unknowns” have been presented here regularly since 2007.

The exhibition program at MMK Zollamt receives a considerable amount of support from the Jürgen Ponto Foundation, which annually awards two working stipends to young artists. In addition, in cooperation with MMK, these artists are given the opportunity to showcase their work for a wider audience within the framework of an exhibition at MMK Zollamt.

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