Peruggia and WEST

Perrugia and WEST

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Peruggia and WEST
Peruggia and WEST

The restaurant/café in the MMK re-opens with a new concept, name, and owner. The new menu is abundant with Mediterranean soul food and home-made cakes.The name of the restaurant is borrowed from art history: WEST is a hommage to the famous Austrian artist Franz West (1947-2012), whom the MMK dedicated a comprehensive exhibition last year and whose lamps illuminate the bistro café. The unique lamps are art works from the series "Fleur Mal" that Franz West produced together with Andreas Reiter Raabe in 2012. PERRUGIA refers to the spectacular theft of the Mona Lisa in the summer of 1911: The Lombard house painter Vincenzo Peruggia stole da Vincis painting from the Louvre because he was convinced that „La Gioconda“ belongs in its Italian homeland. We thank the Roundtable of the Friends of the MMK for the acquisition of the lamps for the MMK collection and Baerbel Grasslin for her generous support.  

Lunch meals, which start at €6.80 as well as further daily specials compliment the regular menu.    

Address and contact:
Peruggia and WEST
Domstraße 10
60311 Frankfurt am Main
Telephone: 069 289007 

Today at the MMK

  • Guided tour
  • Städelabsolventen 2014
  • 06:00 pm