Dayanita Singh.
Go Away Closer

27 September 2014 – 4 January 2015



Boom She Boom.
Works from the Collection

19 October 2014 – 14 June 2015


Today at the MMK

Honey Breakfast

Saturday, 20 September, 11 pm

The bees on the museum roof were once again industrious and produced lots of honey this summer. That's why the MMK and the artist group finger invite you to taste the new honey with bread and hot milk during a delicous honey bee breakfest.

Admission to the honey bee breakfast is free. 

MMK 1I2I3. Wir sind jetzt zu Dritt!

From autumn the MMK will host three venues: The MMK 1 at the Domstraße, the MMK 2 – the former MMK Zollamt – and the new MMK 2 at TaunusTurm.
We will introduce the new conception with the solo exhibition "Subodh Gupta. Everything is Inside" on 11 September at 7 pm.

Further information MMK 1 2 3

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