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Tischgesellschaft - Supported projects

Ausstellung „Andy Warhol´s Time Capsules“, 2003
Ausstellung „Sturtevant - The Brutal Truth“, 2004
Clive Barker „Rio - Hommage to Marlon Brando“, 1968
Anton Henning „Frankfurter Salon“, 2006
Fred Sandback „Untitled (Four-part Construction)“, 2002
Hans Josephsohn „Ohne Titel“, 2000-2005
Sarah Morris „Beijing“, 2008
Herbert Brandl „Ohne Titel“, 2009
Isa Genzken „OIL XV / OIL XVI“, 2007
Douglas Gordon „Straight to Hell“, 2011
Carsten Nicolai „unidisplay“, 2012

Since 2003 the Tischgesellschaft has supported a range of specific projects including MMK exhibitions as well as acquisitions for the collection of the museum. All these projects could not have been realised without the help of the Tischgesellschaft.

Supported projects

2014 Acquisition  Andreas Slominski „Coffin Titanium White“, 2013
Acquisition Carsten Nicolai „unidisplay“, 2012
2012 Acquisition Douglas Gordon „Straight to Hell“, 2011
2011 Anniversary acquisition „OIL XV / OIL XVI“, 2007 of Isa Genzken
2010 Acquisition Herbert Brandl „Ohne Titel“, 2009
2009 Acquisition Sarah Morris „Beijing“, 2008
2008 Acquisition Hans Josephsohn „Ohne Titel“ (Relief), 2002-2005
2007 Acquisition Fred Sandback „Untitled (Four-part Construction)“, 2002
2006 Acquisition Anton Henning – seven paintings of the installation „Frankfurter Salon“
2005 Acquisition Clive Barker „Rio – Hommage to Marlon Brando“, 1968
2004 Exhibition „Sturtevant – The Brutal Truth“
2003 Exhibition „Andy Warhol’s Time Capsules“

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