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9+10+11 Fund

Since the opening of the Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt /Main 1991 it has become a fundamental component and important location for cultural and social life in Frankfurt. Today, the MMK Collection comprises some 4,500 works of international art from the 1960s through to current contemporary art, and consequently has an international aura and appeal. In its 20 year history many works were acquired for the Collection thanks to the support of private sponsors. So that we can continue to collect further important works of international contemporary art the MMK called into being the 9 +10+11 FUND, which bundles the work of individual sponsors to enable the outstanding. 

The Model

In participating in the 9+10+11 FUND individual sponsors and companies commit themselves to the continual expansion of the MMK Frankfurt/Main Collection. In doing so they share their passion for art with everyone interested in art and through their generous support enable the constant expansion of the Collection. Every member pays a total amount of EUR 30,000 spread over three years (1st year: EUR 9,000, 2nd year: EUR 10,000, 3rd year: EUR 11,000) into the Fund, which is used exclusively to buy new works for the MMK Collection. By participating in the 9+10+11 FUND you belong to the closest circle of promoters and sponsors. Fund participants are automatically eligible to join the Friends of the MMK. All the works that the Museum für Moderne Kunst purchases with the assistance of the 9+10+11 FUND are mentioned in connection with the respective promoters. Equally, all participants are mentioned individually by name at a highly visible place in the Museum and on the MMK website. We will be happy to inform you about other special services . 

The Members

Heidi und Frank F. Beelitz, Jürgen Conzelmann, Ulrike Crespo, Prof. Dr. Christian Duve, Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Stifung Giersch, Goldman Sachs, Andreas Hübner und Martina Heß-Hübner, Dr. Thomas Jetter, Lyson Architekten und Ingenieure, B. Metzler seel. Sohn & Co., Oliver Puhl, Andrea und Dr. Christian Tappeiner, Prof. Peter Wesner and others. 

How to become a Member

You can become a member of the 9+10+11 FUND at any time or select the start of the three year period to suit you. For further information do not hesitate to contact us: 
Bianca Knall, MMK Kulturmanagement, Telefon +49 69 21237953, Fax +49 69 21237882,

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