Bogomir Ecker, Mark Wallinger and an Unknown Master

Angel Dust

February 20 – April 15, 2009

Bogomir Ecker: Hänger und Strippen (1-2-4), 2003

Bogomir Ecker: Hänger und Strippen (1-2-4), 2003 Courtesy Galerie SixFriedrichLisaUngar Unknown master: Scene of the Annunciation, Lower Rhine region, late 15th century

Unbekannter Meister

Unbekannter Meister

Niederrheinisch, Ende 15. Jahrhundert

Mark Wallinger

Mark Wallinger

1997, Videoinstallation, 7 min. 30 sek., Copyright of the artist, Courtsey Anthony Reynolds Gallery

So much is announced to us, day-in, day-out. But what really gets through to us, what do we hear when we listen and what of what we hear do we understand? What fruit does the spirit plant in our ear such that it grows and blossoms? How can we recognize that the right time has come to step back for a moment and listen to it?

A painting, a video and a sculpture – three works by quite different artists, inspired by different sources and different questions.

The three artists, three works and three media are not intended to present some pre-defined hypothesis. Instead the focus is on creating a sphere in which different types of speaking and announcing, of hearing and understanding enter into dialog.

A Late Medieval painting shows a scene with the Annunciation. »Have no fear!« the angel tells Mary and his soft appearance and determined but tender gestures underscore his soothing words. In Mark Wallinger’s video »Angel« we encounter a completely different angel. He has dark glasses and a white stick in his hand and goes by the name of “Blind Faith”. He moves, but is running on the spot, and in the process recites the prologue from the Gospel according to St. John: »In the beginning was the word, and the word was God…« However, his words falter, seem to stutter and distort, if not completely flounder.

Bogomir Ecker’s sculpture, suspended freely in the hall, does not speak. A hollow body, perforated by small holes. These openings offer an insight into the unknown interior of the anthropomorphic figure. It is a body that resonates, that absorbs sound, a body that functions as an ear.

All three works create a space in which you can speak, announce, listen or keep your peace. A room full of inspiration.

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